Australia’s Choir to Sing for Pope

0509choir-StMarysCathedralChoir-TheCatholicWeekly_31989artthumbIt’s a dream come true for the members of Australia’s oldest Choir who are on their way to Rome to sing for Pope Francis.  For Full Report and Photo Credit click HERE

“Be like Jesus the Good Shepherd!”

Pope_Francis_ordains_priests_in_St_Peters_Basilica_May_7_2017_Credit_Daniel_Ibanez_CNAOn Sunday Pope Francis reminded Sixteen Newly Ordained Priests to be like Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in the way they serve the Members of their ‘Spiritual Flock’ and Minister to those who are lost and searching for God.  For the Full Story as well as Photo Credit click HERE

“Contemplate Boundless Love!”

cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.1500.844On Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis’ Homily focuses on Doubting Thomas.

Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass

cmwPope at Chrism Mass: “Priests are to make Faithful feel the Presence of Jesus.”

“Prayer is a Bishop’s First Task!”

cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.1500.844Read about the Episcopal Ordination of three members of the Papal Diplomatic Corps in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Liturgy Prepares Us To Receive Christ

cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.1500.844General Audience: “Liturgy prepares us to receive Christ in Holy Communion.”

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